Sunday, September 1, 2013

Works in progress: soft toys and quiet books

How I love Pinterest - I am so addicted!

I've been slowly collecting ideas for making kids' toys and after spending the last few weeks making some additions to my kids' spring wardrobes, I'm all set to start working on these:

1. Dinosaur soft toy. I found this free pattern and have cut out my dinosaur in a blue quilting fabric with red and white striped scales. It's turned out quite small, so next time I would adjust it to make it a bit bigger.

2. Dinosaur/dragon tails. Sensing a dinosaur theme? These are cute! And my almost 3 year-old will love running around the house with this strapped to her.

3. Matryoshka doll. Very sweet. Another one for my almost 3 year-old.

I'm also putting together some ideas for new quiet books. My quiet books have by far been the most popular items in my Etsy and madeit shops and they are something I really enjoy making. I'm looking at making them around a theme, and have started out with four possible themes: numbers, colors, shapes, and alphabet. Stay tuned!

Here's a link to post I did about the first ever Quiet Book that I made:

And here's a link to my boards on Pinterest:

Lesley :)

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