Saturday, July 30, 2016

Portable Racing Car Play Mat

The three year old boy of the house has recently gone through a sudden change. Up until now he has happily played his big sister's games while wearing an old dress that belonged to me as a child. But now a fascination of all things with wheels has arrived and a collection of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars has materialised out of what seems like nowhere.

The racing car mat began on a Sunday afternoon as a few ideas that looked something like this below.

Some felt and cotton fabric (how cute is that racing car fabric?!?!!) and a little refining and it became this -

Three cars can be parked in the pockets at the top. They can line up at the starting line and drive around in laps, stopping off at the pit stop to refuel along the way.

Pack it away by folding over the car pockets (this stops the cars from falling out in transit) and then folding the whole mat over twice and tucking away in a bag to carry out with you.

Check it out in my etsy store.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Pinterest - Most Recent Pins - Sewing for Boys

I love sewing clothes for my little boy. I love making toys and play accessories for him the most, but comfy shorts and pants for play and childcare days are my favourite clothes to make for him.

Here are five of my most recent pins to my Pinterest board "Sewing for Boys".

1. Jaden T-Shorts

This idea is great - turn a favourite adult T-shirt into a pair of shorts! I love ideas that encourage re-using and upcycling.

2. Baby Yoga Pants

Along the same lines as the T-Shorts. Recycle an old T-shirt to make some comfy pants. So simple!

3. Toddler Tour Pants

Cute pants with a patchwork insert down the sides of the legs and a really easy to follow tutorial.

4. Men's Shirt Baby Romper

Along the themes of upcycling - turn a cotton button-through shirt into a summery romper for a little boy.

5. Free Boy Patterns

A great collection of exactly what it claims to be - free patterns for boys. Heaps of easy to follow and easy to sew clothing for little ones.

Please share any great finds that you have below in the comments - I would love to find more!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Minute

It's an almost sewing-free Monday Minute this week. It's school holidays here in Queensland and so we left our kids with their grandparents for a few days and flew to Sydney for a grown up vacation.

I had an afternoon to myself at the Art Gallery of New South Wales to visit the Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera exhibition, which was excellent!

And we were very lucky to get so much sunshine and blue sky, despite the cool weather - check out that view! Superb!

And the coffee was excellent!

Not completely sewing free, as I arrived home to three little packages of fabric goodness - yay! How cute are those prints for kids?!!? I think my favourite is the yellow with bright dinosaurs :)

And a sweet little gift from a friend at work today - this little kit to make an Autumn Maiden doll. Bring on the weekend so I can get started on this little project. 

Little miss 5 is also eager to help with this one! Hope to show you the finished product soon xx