Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mia's backpack

After making myself some clothes, I thought it was time to switch back to making stuff for Mia. In an earlier post, I mentioned Nicole Mallalieu's book, 'You Sew Girl'. I love this book! Some of the instructions are a little complex, but there are some gorgeous projects in there.

Another sewing project to mentally prepare myself for something was this little backpack for Mia to take to childcare when she starts soon. Actually, we've used the bag heaps already to take along with us when we go out - it's the perfect size for a change of clothes, sunscreen, hat, drink bottle, snacks and some little toys or mini books for her to play with if we need to keep her occupied somewhere.

I love that the straps are adjustable - as Mia's not really ready to wear a backpack around just yet, it means I can lengthen them to fit me and keep my hands free.

Sewing for myself at last...

Late in 2011 I went back to work. A few months before, I thought I would mentally prepare myself by sewing myself some new work clothes. I found a great pattern online for a dress and then found this fabric through an etsy seller for a bargain price (even after factoring in the postage from the US). The colour hasn't shown up very well in the pictures - it looks a little washed out here. Anyway I thought it would make up into a unique kind of dress. I was very happy with the finished product. Not being one for frills and such, I left that part off the dress and kept it plain. I figured that the fabric was enough decoration anyway. The picture of the dress really doesn't do it justice - it looks heaps better on.

The next on the list was this super easy top posted on Sew Mama Sew. I used the fabric to the right for this one and it turned out really cute. With a white camisole underneath it works well.

Next was this red and white print dress. I used wide ribbon for the shoulder straps as strapless doesn't really work for me. I used elastic thread and found the waistline difficult to keep straight. I'm not completely happy with the fit of a dress, but I've worn it a few times with a short sleeved bolero and it looks okay.
This top to the right looks absolutely nothing in this picture - it's another one that really needs to be shown being worn to see how it fits and falls. I made it from instructions from the book 'You Sew Girl' by Nicole Mallalieu. I was especially excited to finally learn how to bind sleeves on stretch fabric.
Another pattern from Nicole Mallalieu's book, I loved making this panel skirt. I had bought the bird print fabric for another project that I hadn't ended up doing and only bought a fat quarter, so I improvised a little with the panel and binding. I was so happy with how this turned out - it is a perfect fit!  There wasn't actually a pattern for it, instead there was a complex formula based on different measurements and then you cut out a circle based on this. Such a great skirt to wear too.