Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The forgotten sock monkey

Shortly after my last post I remembered this little guy, who I've also made in the last few months. There are so many tutorials for sock monkeys, but I kinda followed this one: http://www.craftbits.com/project/sock-monkey. So simple to make, and a bargain too! I found these socks on sale for AU$2 and already had all other supplies in my sewing cupboard. Mia loves him, and especially loves the tail. As she  puts everything in her mouth, I opted for sewn on eyes and saved the buttons to put on later. The bow is in a tight double knot so that she can't take it off. When I was looking for patterns, I found a whole zoo worth of other sock animals, so might have to try another one soon.

I've also been making hair clips for Mia, but am a bit afraid of the E6000 glue that I ordered for it - there are so many worrying warnings on the label, I'm not sure I want to put anything that contains it in her hair. I've just bought a glue gun and have more ribbons on order, so stay tuned...