Monday, September 2, 2013

Tuesday Tutorial: toddler girl skirt and top from men's business shirt

This post is about the second upcycle that I've done for Mia from one of her daddy's business shirts. The first upcycle was this dress:

Cute, right?

But today we're focussing on making a skirt and top:

The first thing I did was to remove the pocket and the collar by unpicking the seams around them. Next I cut out all of pieces, trying to keep the original seams as much as possible. This is a different shirt and a very rough picture, but it gives you some idea of how to cut the pieces from the shirt.

You'll need to take lots of measurements.

 For the top:

  • Check that the neck width suits the size of the child. Sew along the seam where the collar was removed.
  • Measure from the neck to the edge of the shoulder where you want the armhole to begin.
  • Measure the length of the armhole you require.
  • Allow an extra 1.5cm for armhole hemming.
  • Measure the child's chest and waist and allow 4cm on each side.
  • Measure the length required from shoulder down and add 2cm for hem.
Hem the armholes, by turning over twice and ironing down. Turn right sides together and sew down the sides. Hem along the bottom.

    For the skirt:
    • Measure the waist and hips - cut a rectangle that is 1.5 times the largest of these measurements.
    • Measure the length required and add hem allowance.
    • Cut a strip for the waistband. I wanted 2.5cm wide, so I cut a 10cm strip that was the same length as my daughter's waist measurement. Fold in half and iron, fold the edges to the centre and iron again.
    Run two gathering stitches along the top of the rectangle. Pull in to match the length of the waistband. Insert the gathered skirt between the layers of the waistband and sew along. Topstitch around the top and sides of the waistband. Hem the skirt. Sew a button on the waistband and add a buttonhole.


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