Friday, July 31, 2015

Sewing tutorial - Heat/Cold Packs for Kids

Unless there is a lot of blood, we cannot use band aids or sticking plaster at our house. The noise and pain that is experienced with their removal is never worth the pain that they alleviate at the time of injury. The next best option is the ice pack.

And even better than the ice pack, is the rice pack. We keep one in the freezer and another on the bench, ready to microwave if a warm pack is better suited to the situation.

I made them out of flannel, after first drawing the outlines and cutting a front and back piece for each.

I cut wings, beak, eye and arm pieces out of felt and attached them. With right sides of the flannel together, I sewed around the edges, leaving a space to turn them out the right way. Embroider by hand any other features such as eyes, mouth etc.

Fill with rice and sew close the seams. I sewed in a small length of vecro to each opening to make it easier to replace the rice in the future.

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