Sunday, June 10, 2012

Babies, babies, babies...

All of my latest creations have centred around babies gifts and accessories. Not only are we due to have our second child in late November, but between now and the end of the year so many friends of ours will also be welcoming new additions to their families.

I spotted these bunnies on and picked up some cute striped long-sleeve tops that I thought would be perfect to cut up and  use to create them. They turned out pretty cute.

See for tutorial: 

After I finished the bunnies I went exploring around on the above blog and found the idea for these little soft plushies. So easy and fast to make, but so gorgeous. I love the idea of the rainbow coloured ribbons and had all of these in my craft supplies from my hair clip making phase, when I ordered a whole lot of bargain ribbons in bulk online.

When I was pregnant with Mia I didn't think one of these pillows would be all that useful and after she was born I saw some around but couldn't believe how expensive they were. This time around I figured I'd be prepared early when I still have some time for sewing and make myself one. Propping my arm up on pillows and sofa arms for another year and a half is not an attractive thought when they are so easy to make. There are patterns everywhere online for these pillows and I had some scrap fabric and picked up a couple of massive cushions on sale to use for the stuffing as I thought that since the stuffing is already compressed a lot, they wouldn't squash down as much as regular filling when the pillow gets some use. I bought far too much of this pretty fabric when it was on a 40% off sale a while back and thought it might be a cute theme to go with for baby accessories this time around. If you can't see clearly from the picture, it's the three little pigs.

The idea came from: 

These mobiles were another gift idea and are simple to make but really effective. Lots of circles of fabric, ribbon and iron-on adhesive.... and patience!

And just so that Mia didn't miss out completely in my latest crafting craze, I made her a doll carrier as she's really into her dolls at the moment.

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