Monday, August 1, 2011

A break from the sewing frenzy

Last winter, while I was pregnant with Mia, I thought it would be a great idea to start knitting her a blanket. Something she could keep forever knowing that I'd started making it for her before I even knew her. We didn't know back then whether she'd be a she or a he so I'd chosen neutral colours. I found this great free pattern online at and chosen my own wool and colours. The only problem was I was so tired during my pregnancy that I'd get one row done and start falling asleep.

Recently when I'd made up a lot of dresses and gifts from some cute fabrics I'd found, I was at a loss for the next sewing project. That's when I looked in my cupboard and discovered my stash of yarns. Given our recent house purchase and the need to control my fabric spending a little I decided I should use up some of the yarn collection before buying anything else. And I thought it might be nice for Mia to get use of this blanket before her 15th birthday.

After I finish this blanket, I'm set to make myself some winter tops, a scarf and a knitted dress.

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