Saturday, February 23, 2013

Felt breakfast: egg, sausage, croissant tutorial


For each sausage:
  1. Cut a rectangle 7cm x 9cm from dark brown felt.
  2. Fold the rectangle in half lengthways.
  3. With needle and matching thread (I used three strands of embroidery thread), use a blanket stitch to join the edges.

4. Fill with polyester filling or felt scraps.

5. Use a long running stitch around each end of the sausage. Pull tight and fasten to close the ends.


For each egg:
  1. Print and cut out the paper pattern pieces. Cut out two egg whites from white felt and one egg yolk from yellow or orange felt.
  2. Place the yellow egg yolk on top of one of the white pieces and sew two-thirds of the way around the yolk. Fill with polyester fill or felt scraps and continue to close the circle.
  3. Place the second egg white underneath and sew around 1-2mm from the edge.


For each:
  1. Print and cut out the paper pattern pieces. Cut two crescents from light brown felt and a wrapping each from light and darker brown felt. The larger piece of wrapping should be from the darker felt.
  2. Use blanket stitch to join the light brown crescent pieces, leaving a small gap. Fill the crescent firmly with polyester filling and close the gap with blanket stitch.

3. Sew the wrapping pieces together using a running stitch.

4. Place the widest part of the wrapping along the outer edge of the croissant and secure together using blanket stitch. Secure along the sides, wrapping the main croissant piece as you go. Finish off by sewing along the narrow edge of the wrapping.

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